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About Boseong


Thank you for visiting the website of Boseong-gun.
We have beautiful natural environment and a long history.

Respected citizens!
And netizens around the nation!

I am very glad to meet you.

Boseong has ever-green tea plantation, Beolgyo cockle, the main background of a novel, the Taebaeksan Mountains and Seopyeongje Boseong Sori.

Cool water runs every mountain. Blue Boseong river, golden fields, vast mudflat, etc.
The town is more beautiful than a breadth of landscape painting.

Green tea rice, Bosoeng rice and Ungchiol Rice, potato, chives, kiwi, strawberry, tomato and pepper, etc.
The clean nature and rich soil of Boseong produces the best quality agricultural products in taste and nutrition.

Please visit Boseong, which is fragrant and bountiful in every corner.

Visit our website often. And your opinion will be appreciated for the development of the county.

We promise to make a happy and bountiful county along with the citizens and to usher in the era of happiness to the citizens.
We ask for your unchanged support and encouragement.

I wish you all health and prosperity in your home and work.

I love you all.

Mayor of Boseong-gun Lee, Yong-boo