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About Boseong

County Symbols

County Trademark

County Trademark Images

Boseong-gun with three vistas and three treasures
The diamond shape symbolizes the regional value representing the green mountains, clean ocean, green tea and the Boseong tune, representing Boseong-gun with three vistas and the three treasures.
Diamond-shaped outline : Symbolizes Boseong-gun with many values
Corners : Symbolize Boseong's progressiveness in all directions
Green top : High green mountains and the strong spirit of Boseong people
Engraved green tea leaf : Symbolizes Boseong-gun's position as the nation's largest green tea producer
Wave in the center : Symbolizes the spirit and sorrow of ordinary in the So-ri (Tune) of Boseong.
Blue bottom : Symbolizes clear and clean lake and ocean

Mascot Images

Uidoli and Dahayngi
The mascots of Boseong-gun personify the green tea leaves, the main symbol of the county. Uidoli, the male mascot, and Dahyangi, the female mascot, have green tea leaves on their heads, cute images in simple blue and pink.
County Logo

County Logo Images

Boseong, capital of green tea
The logo vividly demonstrates the direct and indirect images of Boseong Green Tea, a symbol of the county, and symbolic images of the tourist resorts of the clean South Sea capture the future visions and objectives of the county.
County Flower

County Flower Images

Royal Azalea
Royal azaleas grow across Boseong-gun and blossom in spring. They are soft pink and symbolize the wisdom and intelligence of Boseong people.
County Tree

County Tree Images

Tea Tree
The county's tea production accounts for 40% of the nation's total production, making the county a symbol of Korean tea. Its evergreen leaves represent consistency.
County Bird

County Bird Images

Doves symbolize love and peace, an appropriate symbol for the warm-hearted Boseong people.