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Boseong Green-Tea

Toward Space beyond World

Astronaut’s drink, Boseong Green Tea is safe drink.

Boseong Green Tea was selected as the official drink for the first Korean astronaut So-Yeon Lee as he journeyed in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft launched on April 8th 2008.

Signing Ceremony of Boseong Green Tea “Astronaut’s Beverage” Agreement, December 27th 2007
  • Korean Aerospace Research Institute, Korean Food Research Institute, Boseong county
Astronaut’s food and beverages are approved after passing strict quality inspection, February 10th 2008
  • 3-Step Inspection: Sample of Boseong Green Tea→Korea Food Research Institute→Russian Medical Biology Lab
PR Effect as a Result of Selection of Boseong Green Tea as an Astronaut’s Beverage
  • Boseong Green Tea passed the strict quality inspection of the Russian Medical Biology Lab, and was officially recognized as a beverage suitable for an astronaut’s special diet.
  • When approved as an astronaut’s beverage, Boseong Green Tea can be promoted as a product suitable for an astronaut’s dietary requirements in various exhibitions and shows.
  • Boseong Green Tea (super-fine narrow-tipped leaves) can have the astronaut’s name and mission insignia displayed on its packaging until April 2009.