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Boseong Green-Tea

Safety Inspection

We will do our best to keep the safety of Boseong Green Tea.

We will assist tea plantations in acquiring eco-friendly agricultural product certification
  • Plan to conduct required safety inspection on tea leaves and processed green tea products according to our compact with the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
Acquired European Organic Certification in March 2009 for the first time in Korea
  • Applied for International Organic Certification jointly with the Dutch Control Union in October 2008.
Established the County Magistrate Quality Certification System
  • The County Magistrate certifies the quality of the green tea produced in Boseong in June 2008 for the first time in Korea
Strict Safety Inspection
  • Maintaining the quality and safety of tea leaves and processed green tea products as a beverage fit for the dietary requirements of astronauts. Boseong green tea has passed the stringent quality control testing of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency together with green tea safety inspectors.
  • Focusing on eco-friendly cultivation to produce safe and trustworthy green tea with organic agricultural fertilizers and thorough residual chemical inspection.
  • Signing Ceremony of Boseong Green Tea ‘Astronaut’s Beverage’ Agreement on December 27, 2007.
  • Acquisition of Astronaut Dietary Certification after Strict Quality Inspection on February 10, 2008.
  • 3-Step Inspection: Sample of Boseong Green Tea → Korean Food Research Institute → Russian Medical Biology Lab
We will focus on eco-friendly cultivation to provide safe and trustworthy green tea.
  • Last year, the detection of hazardous substances found among green tea products adversely affected green tea consumption, which caused a drop in tea leaf prices and struck a serious blow to related industries.
  • The only way to overcome this difficulty is through eco-friendly cultivation of green tea leaves to produce safe and trustworthy products.
  • To encourage eco-friendly cultivation and the use of eco-friendly fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, a watchmen system has been established and a reward will be given to any person who reports a violation of the eco-friendly cultivation guidelines.
    • Watchmen are hired to prevent any overspray of agricultural chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides) onto the tea plants and a reward will be given to any person who can report such an incident.
    • After harvesting the tea leaves are then thoroughly inspected for chemical residue. Manufacturers are barred from purchasing any tea leaves from a tea leaf provider found to be providing contaminated tea leaves.