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Boseong Green-Tea

Why Boseong Green Tea?

Why Boseong Green Tea? Images

Why is Boseong Green Tea so good?
  • Boseong is the optimal place for tea cultivation in the world
    • As a place where mountains, ocean and lakes joint together and oceanic and continental climates converge, Boseong has a wide temperature gap, which significantly influences the formation of amino acids in the tea leaves. The tea plantations in Boseong account for about 37% of the total produced nationwide.
    • Annual average temperature is 13.4℃ and annual average rainfall reaches 1,400mm. The soil contains eleven essential elements so it is an optimal area to grow tea trees.
    • Misty days happen very often. Mist provides enough water for tea plants to thrive while providing shade against sunlight. This gift of nature creates the best flavor.
    • With an optimal natural climate, soil, geography, lakes and sea, Boseong is the place that produces top-level tea.
  • Boseong tea is produced in an eco-friendly manner
    • Because tea tree seeds are sowed on mountain slopes, Boseong tea is more labor and cost intensive. But consumers can enjoy a distinctively delicious and healthful tea of high quality.
    • Since Boseong tea is grown in an almost purely natural environment, the quality of Boseong Green Tea is recognized worldwide.
  • Won Silver Award at the 2007 World Green Tea Fair (in Sij-Oka)
  • Acquired organic food certificate from USDA (US Department of Agriculture) in 2007
  • Certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency, USA) in 2007
Why do we need to drink Boseong Green Tea?
  • Tea contains a catechin content of between 10~18%, a chemical that suppresses cancer and allergies as well as prevents tooth decay.
  • Catechin in caffeine and theanine in tea work together to help maintain a healthy diet.
  • Drinking tea makes people be beautiful both within and without.
    • Tea contains a lot of vitamin C, which keeps skin moisturized and clear.
  • Tea is the best anti-aging drink.
    • Catechin sulfates strongly prevent aging.
  • Tea lowers the amount of cholesterol and prevents diabetes and helps counteract toxins ingested via unhealthy foods. Drinking tea everyday promotes health.
  • Catechin in tea helps prevent influenza as well as avian influenza.