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Boseong Green-Tea

Geographical Indications

What is geographical indication system?

What is a geographical indication system?When the geographic character of a specific area has significant influence on the reputation, quality or other characteristic of a processed good produced from the area, this system indicates that the government (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) guarantees the quality of the goods and the mark is protected internationally as a conceptual name of place of origin according to the “Agreement on Indication for Protection of Industrial Property Rights.”

Processing Companies Participating in Geographical
Processing Companies Participating in Geographical
Name Representative Tel
Name Address
Boseong Tea Manufacturing Agricultural Corp. Chansig Seo 762-4 Dogae-ri Mireok-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-4116
Boseong New Og-Ro Tea Manufacturing Sangrae Cho 7-9 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-852-8283
Boseong Green Tea Agricultural Corp Hwachun Lim 762-6 Dogae-ri Mireok-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-4114
Botjae Tea Field Heungjun Lim 1-7 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-1117
Eungog Tea Field Yeongsun Joo 1-20 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-0733
Mongjungsan Tea Field Agricultural Corp. Yeongsug Kim 1212-5 Bongsan-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-853-2255
Saemgol Green Tea Hongseog Song 568-3 Banryong-ri Mireok-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-4494
Daehan Tea Industry Co., Ltd, Boseong Tea Field Yeongseop Jang 250-1 Hoeryeong-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-2870
Boseong Unrim Green Tea Agricultural Corp. Heuisu Han 279-1 Unrim-ri Gyeombaek-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-6444
Blue Dragon Tea Field Myeongheui Choi 400 Wonbong-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-6625
Banya Tea Field Sangbong Lee 34 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-5194
Boseong Yulpo Green Tea Palhan Yun 394-5 Yulpo-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-0131
Sun Tea Field Sunryeoi Park Mt 134 Yuleo-ri Yuleo-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-2952
Boseong Tea Farm Agricultural Corp. Chaemin Ma 322-4 Daeya-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-9810
Baeg-Rog Tea Field Jongwoo Baeg 368 Bong-Gang-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-852-3722
Tea Flavor Farm Dongseop Park 305 Mireok-ri Mireok-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-852-2538
Boseong Cheongwoo Green Tea Myeongsun Ahn 1163 Bong-Gang-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-4663
Boseong Chunpa Tea Field Hyangseon Kim 404-1 Gun-Nong-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-265-9973
Yuseon Tea Field Haeno Joo 73-3 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-4496
Boseong Seonun Tea Manufacturing Sunae Byeon 207 Bong-Gang-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-853-1931
Boseong Jeolteogol Wild Handmade Green Tea Hyeongnam Jang 698-3 Boseong-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-3432
Dong Gog Tea Field Cheoljae Yun 57-5 Dongyul-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-1238
One Tea Field Seungho Noh 57-1 Wonbong-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-853-5151
Sanjeong Tea Field I-Nam Sun 241-2 Boseong-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-2543
Boseong Agriculture Cooperative Association Byeongwan Mun 322-4 Daeya-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-61-852-5640
Seungseol Green Tea Jaeseong Lee 45 Yeongcheon-ri Hoecheon-myeon Boseong-gun +82-11-9025-8711
Wondang Tea Manufacturing Yeong-Og Kim 576 Chodang-ri Mireok-myeon Boseong-gun +82-61-610-0744
Spring Perfume Tea Field Hyeongjang Choi 536 Boseong-ri Boseong-eup Boseong-gun +82-11-604-3766