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Boseong Green-Tea

County Headman Certification

What is the County Magistrate quality system certification?It is the certification system by which the County Magistrate of Boseong County guarantees the quality of tea products produced in Boseong County after a careful visual appraisal, chemical analysis, production management history review and eco-friendliness certification. Certified Items: Green tea leaf products processed, treated and distributed with tea leaves cultivated in Boseong County. The tea leaves are carefully hand-picked during the periods of 1st flush (mid-May) and 2nd flush (last 10 days of June) and provided as a Boseong Certified tea product after going through a pan-fire or steam curing process

  • Fill out and submit the County Magistrate quality certification application form (Green Tea Business Division)
  • Required Documents: Various Certificates (Eco-Friendliness Certificate, GAP Certificate, Details of Quality Management, etc.)
Certification Procedure
  • Application for County Magistrate Quality Certification (Company) → Field Inspection (Certification Committee) → Quality Assessment (Certification Committee) → Acquisition of Country Magistrate’s Certification (County Magistrate) → Use of County Magistrate Quality Mark Certification (Certified Company)
  • ※ The Quality assessment and certification process will be finished within 15 days after submission of the application form.
Use of Trademark
  • Fee for Trademark Usage: 500 KRW per sheet (2 sheets per 100g)
After Service
  • Product Management: Review customer complaints and recall or exchange products without delay as per customer request.
  • Production Management: Environmental sanitation of production processes, the state and quality of raw materials, etc.
  • Trademark Management: Quality certification approval No., display of trademark and compliance with display regulations (false display, etc.).