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Investor's Guide

Boseong County has an uncontaminated natural environment that includes mountains, the ocean and lakes. The county's historic cultural assets such as Boseong Sori (Tune) and its tourist attractions such as the nation's largest green tea farm, royal azalea trees, dinosaur egg fossils, seawater green tea springs, seawater pool and Yulpo beach charm many tourists from across the country.

The county is also being developed as a logistics and transportation hub as a new highway connecting Mokpo, Boseong and Gwangyang with the West Coast, Honam and Namhae highways, a new railway connecting Mokpo Daebul Industrial Park, Gwangyang Steel Plant and Yeocheon Industrial Complex between Boseong and Mokpo, and the Gyeongjeon Line(connecting Seoul, Gwangju, Boseong and Busan) have been constructed. Boseong County is located in the center of several major regional markets in Gwangju, Mokpo and Suncheon.

Boseong, a land full of hidden assets and untapped investment opportunities!

Boseong welcomes your investment.

Invest in Boseong with all its potential.

Governor of Boseong County Jeong, Jong-hae