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Investment Environment

Regional Environments
  • Located in the country's southernmost area and the center of southern area of South Jeolla Province
  • Neighbor Suncheon in the east, Jangheung in the west, Goheung in the south and Hwasun in the North.
  • An area of 663.59㎢, accounting for 5.5% of South Jeolla Province
  • Forest 62.9%, paddy field 17.2%, dry field 7.1%, general field 2.0.9%, other 10.8%
  • Warm oceanic climate with annual average temperature of 18.6℃ and annual average rainfall of 1,466㎜
  • 4 eups and myeons in the southern area have plain along Deukryang and Yeoja Bay
Social Environments
  • Population : 49,000(as of December 31, 2009)
  • Industries : agriculture 70%, manufacturing 10%, service 20%
  • 4 hour highway drive from Seoul and central regions
  • 3 hour drive from Busan Metropolitan Area on Namhae Highway
  • 1 hour drive from Honam, West Coast, Namhae and 88 Highway
  • 1 hour drive from Muan International Airport
  • Highway connecting Mokpo, Boseong, and Gwangyang to be constructed by 2011
  • Gyeongjeon Highway(connecting Seoul, Gwangju, Boseong, and Busan) passes through Boseong, a new railway from Boseong to Mokpo to be constructed
  • 1.5 hour drive from Gwangyang Harbor
Investment Environments
  • Various cultural and tour assets
  • Yulpo Tour Complex, Bibong Dinosaur Park
  • Tea farm, Korean Tea & Sori Park, Pansori remains
  • Juam Lake, Daewon Temple, Tibet Museum, Sculpture Park, Seo Jaepil Memorial Park
  • Literature Park for Novel "Taebaek Mountains"
  • The nation's largest royal azalea garden (Mt. Illim)
  • Various attractions
  • Dahyang Festival (National Tea Festival), Seopyeonje Boseong Sori Festival, Beolgyo Cockle Festival, Hoecheon Gizzard Shad Festival
  • Rapidly-increasing number of tourists
  • Over 5 million tourists visit the county every year
  • Tops the ranking of the KTO survey of favorite travel destinations in Korea
  • Large tourism facilities under construction
  • Yulpo Tour Complex, Bibong Dinosaur Park, Literature Park for Novel "Taebaek Mountains", Korean Tea & Sori Park
  • Center of the triangle formed by Gwangju, Mokpo and Gwangyang
  • Gwangju Area : Culture and high-tech information technology industries
  • Mokpo Area : Shipbuilding, materials, and environmental industries
  • Gwangyang Area : Manufacturing, logistics and steel industries
  • We will provide the best services to our investors.
  • Boseong, a land full of hidden assets and untapped investment opportunities.
  • Uncontaminated natural environment and cost-effective infrastructure