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  • Green Tea Plantation
  • Korea Tea Museum
  • Novel Taebaek Mountains Literature Hall
  • Yulpo Tourism Complex
  • Daewon Temple
  • Jeamsan Recreation Forest
  • Mt. Illim/Yongchu Valley
  • Bibong Dinosaurs Egg Fossil Discovery Location
  • Juam Lake/Seo Jae-Phil Memorial Hall

Yulpo Tourism Complex

Fourth Tourist Attraction: Yulpo Tourism Complex


Yulpo Solbat Beach
  • Location: Uamgil, Hoecheon-myeon, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do (Yulpo-ri)
  • Area: 136.943㎡
  • Characteristics: beautiful natural environment/rapid increase in the number of tourists after the opening of the seawater green tea spa
  • Designated as a national tourist attraction in 1991, Yulpo Solbat Beach is well equipped with various convenience facilities. The one and only seawater green tea recreation center and the 9917.35m2-wide seawater swimming pool attract family tourists who accompany children during the summer. Boseong-gun has developed tourism products with Korea’s biggest tea producing area and seawater from the 120m-deep bedrock. It opened the seawater green tea spa in 1998 to provide more comfortable relaxation to visitors in Yulpo Solbat Beach.
Yulpo Seawater Green Tea Spa
  • Location: 24 Uamgil, Hoecheon-myeon, Boseong-gun, Jeolanam-do (678 Dongyul-ri)
  • Size: 4 ground floors, 2,516㎡
  • Date of Opening: Apr. 15, 1998
  • Tel.: 061-853-4566
  • The Seawater Green Tea Spa uses seawater from the 120m-deep bedrock and green tea as Korea’s largest tea producing area. Visitors can enjoy a healthy bath and the atmosphere of the southern sea with the beach and pine trees. Green tea decreases cholesterol in the human body, curbing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Tannin helps discharge heavy metal and organic mercury compounds from the body, and polyphenol is effective in eliminating bad breath and protecting the mouth. When using it with electroanalysis water, it is effective in exfoliating, softening hair and preventing dandruff. In addition, seawater stimulates the secretion of hormones, preventing stomach disorders, female disorders and dermatitis. Its osmotic pressure stimulates discharging bodily waste, effective in treating adult diseases and arthritis and other modern diseases. Vitamin C in green tea prevents oxidation and stimulates fatigue recovery and perspiration.
Effects of bedrock seawater spa

Boseong bedrock seawater is pulled from the 120m-deep bedrock and is rich in organic matters including minerals.

  • 1. Unlike the salinity of other seawater (0.035kg per 1kg of seawater) Boseong bedrock seawater has a salinity of 0.026kg, which is classified as Grade 1 water.
  • 2. Boseong bedrock seawater is effective in discharging fat and bodily waste by expanding pores in the skin.
  • 3. Boseong bedrock seawater is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, cuts, peripheral circulation disorder, backaches, aftereffects of injuries, etc.
  • 4. Boseong bedrock seawater has light stimulation and thermo effects on skin. Therefore, it is good for removing inflammation and pain. It is effective in treating eczema, neurodermatitis, chronic urticaria, itching skin disorder, and pyodermititis.
  • 5. Boseong bedrock seawater is an effective postnatal care method as it has the same effect as a hot sand bath.
  • 6. Boseong bedrock seawater sterilizes germs on the human body, effective in maintaining clean skin and anti-aging.
  • 7. Unlike other general seawater, Boseong bedrock seawater spa gives a sense of freshness.
Matters that require attention
  • 1. The absorption of salt can accumulate water in the body, which may cause edema. Therefore, patients with edema, including renal disease or cardiac disease, are not recommended to take a seawater bath.
  • 2. The buoyancy of seawater is higher than that of land water; therefore patients with high blood pressure are also not recommended to take a seawater bath.
Effects of green tea spa

The Boseong Green Tea Spa uses abundant fresh tea leaves for a healthy bath as the largest tea producing area.

  • 1. Boseong green tea is rich in water-soluble vitamin C, which is effective in skin-firming and anti-aging.
  • 2. Tannin of green tea contracts skin pores and produces a firming effect on skin.
  • 3. Saponin of green tea normalizes penetrability of capillaries, removes skin disorders, dandruff and acne and softens hair.
  • 4. Polyphenol of green tea is effective in preventing cancer and sterilizing and is also effective in treating fungal diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • 5. Boseong green tea is rich in minerals, and, therefore, it is effective in absorbing electromagnetic waves and changing acidic body type to alkaline.
  • 6. Chlorophyll and natural dyes are effective in whitening and exfoliating.
  • 7. Boseong green tea extract is effective in maintaining soft and firm skin and for anti-aging.
  • 8. The gentle aroma of Boseong green tea calms the mind and eliminates stress, a restless mind, and nervousness.
  • 9. Boseong green tea is effective in suppressing influenza and, therefore, is effective in preventing colds.
Yulpo Seawater Wave Pool
  • Location: Uamgil, Hoecheon-myeon, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do (Dongyul-ri)
  • Size: 1 building of a complex center, 1,394㎡
  • Date of Opening : 2003. 7. 19.
  • Tel.: 061-850-5560
  • Amusement facilities in clean water!
    The outdoor swimming pool is equipped with various amusement facilities for children and adult visitors, including the 81m-long tunnel tube slide, a wave pool, space ball, pirate ship, and flowing pool, and can accommodate 2,000 people at once time.
  • The Yulpo Seawater Wave Pool provides a clean and safe swimming environment along with a variety of amusement facilities when the weather is not good or when you want a more exciting vacation at the beach.