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Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice

For three consecutive years beginning in 2008, the Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice was designated as ‘Love Mi,’ one of the top twelve brands of rice in the nation, selected by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Korean Consumer groups. Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice is produced 100% by contract cultivation under the top rice manual. It has thus been certified as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and its high quality and safety is assured.

Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice

Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice is a premium rice produced by many farmers systemically utilizing superior rice cultivation technologies to ensure that the rice has the same form, taste and flavor as if it had been cultivated by one farmer.

It grows in the rich soils and clean waters of the upper region of the Seomjingang River, and is the Hopyung rice variety well-known for its good taste. It is cultivated by the Top Rice scientific production guidelines through 100% contract cultivation.

While 80~85 is the norm for other rice cultivations, Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice is cultivated on hills 3.3㎡based on 60 for higher quality. Sowing is limited to 4kg, which is nearly half of other rice farms that sow 7~8kg, and comprehensive pest control is practiced for eco-friendly cultivation.

We take pride in the fact that Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice is superior to other brands of rice in quality and many more aspects, and are working hard to cultivate and harvest this high-quality rice.

  • Grand Prize for 2007 Korean Outstanding Specialty Products: Hankook Daily
  • Presidential Award for High-quality Rice Cultivator: 2007
  • Nomination as『Jeonnam Top 10 Rice』Best Rice Brand: 2 years (2007, 2008)
  • GAP certification: 2 years (2007, 2008)