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Potatoes cultivated using eco-friendly methods n natural soils kissed by the sea winds of the oceanic climate

Our potatoes are cultivated using eco-friendly methods in natural soils amidst the sea winds that blow in from the ocean. They are rich in minerals and popular with people of all ages because of their outstanding texture.


The potato variety that we cultivate is “Sumi,” a variety that is highly popular as snacks. With a soft, velvety texture, his alkaline food has many essential minerals including iron, potassium and magnesium. It is also rich in vitamin C and the vitamin B complexes.

Potatoes –called apples from the field – are rich in vitamin C that is not destroyed by heat.

Potatoes are also a rich source of all essential amino acids. They contain a particularly high ratio of lysine –almost as high as that found in meats, which is rare for a vegetable food.


Boseong potatoes are high quality and excellent in taste as they grow embracing the oceanic winds of the clean sea areas of Deugryang Bay. Potatoes have detoxification and soothing effect, and facilitate recovery from illnesses. The vitamin C and pantothenic acid content also works to prevent cancer of the stomach, lungs and uterus.

Diet recommendations

For 2~3 weeks, eat potatoes for each meal. Do not fry in oil, but rather steam or bake potatoes to bring out the rich natural flavor. It is better not to eat salt with potatoes, as the salt flavor will make you want to eat other foods.

Purchase guidelines
Purchase guidelines
Area of purchase Phone Number Distribution Period Package Unit Remarks
Hoe cheon Nonghyup +82-61-853-8882 Every May~ June 20kg Possible for Delivery