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  • Chives
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  • Beolgyo Cockles
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  • Miryeok Onggi (Earthenware)

Beolgyo Cockles

Cockles are considered a nutrient-dense food thanks to heir high protein but relatively low fat content, and are also helpful in preventing anemia and stimulating growth due to its massive amounts of calcium and iron.

Beolgyo Cockles

Cockles can be boiled, seasoned, or grilled as a side dish or a snack with drinks. Since cockles live in mud flats, they must be cleaned prior to cooking.

When boiling cockles, place them in salted water and boil for a short while, being careful to not overboil, which causes them to become tough. The water after boiling will not be clear (like when other types of clams are boiled) but reddish-brown. Since boiled cockles easily spoil, cook only as much as you can eat or otherwise freeze them to prolong storage life.

Learn everything about the Beolgyo Granular Ark

The Granular Ark has about 17-18 thick stripes on its shell. Since these stripes contain tubercles, which look like little grains, from the umbo to the edge, they look thicker and more distinct toward the edges. The ligament has black hair and, due to its wide width, the umbos of each shell are separated by about 5mm. The shell is white, cuticle is light grey, and flesh is reddish.


Cockles contain 23% protein and a variety of essential amino acids, particularly niacin and histidin. They also contain taurine and betaine, which are well-known energy boosters and aid in liver detoxification, necessary after heavy drinking. Cockles have the vitamin B complex including B12, iron, and cobalt, and are thus considered a healthy reat for women, the elderly and people with poor health during the winter season.

Name CEO Phone No. Name CEO Phone No.
Jinseok Fisheries Kim Gil-Du +82-61-857-4444 Beolgyo Fisheries Kang Byung-Gwan +82-61-857-6868
Obun Fisheries Kim Sang-Chul +82-61-857-0724 National Fishery Union Corporation Kim Yong-Jae +82-61-857-3369
Daesung Fisheries Kim Jang-Min +82-61-857-5066 Samjeong Fishery Union Corporation Park Jeong-Bok +82-61-857-2626
Dongjin Fisheries Jang Dong-Bum +82-61-857-5314 No. 13 Fisheries Park Du-Sik +82-61-857-0013
Beolgyo Cockle Market Lee Sang-Bong +82-61-858-4455 Beolgyo Farmers’ Market    Jeong Gyung-Ja +82-61-858-2147