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Dotted Gizzard Shad

The gem of the seas off Yulpo

Dotted Gizzard Shad

Dotted gizzard shad, caught in the sea off Yulpo, starts to fatten up when the cold wind starts blowing. Low in fat, it has a wonderful taste and is in season from mid-September to winter solstice. Freshly-caught dotted gizzard shad is savory when served as raw fish, with its flesh flaked centering on the backbone, or when broiled with coarse salt.


1. Choose fresh dotted gizzard shad and prepare by flaking the fish and slicing the flesh.
2. Add crushed garlic and sugar to red pepper paste.
3. Roll and cut lettuce and sesame leaves into bite sized pieces.
4. Dice carrot and cut hot peppers.
5. Place ingredients from 1 to 4 into a large bowl and mix with vinegar.
6. Spread a piece of lettuce onto a dish, place slices of raw dotted gizzard shad on it with sesame sprinkled on top.

List of restaurants
List of restaurants
Restaurants Tel.
Boseong Hoe Center +82-61-853-3860
Cheongjeong Hoetjip +82-61-853-2548
Jangbogo Hoetjip +82-61-852-9199
Dainjeong +82-61-852-5201
Cheonghaejin +82-61-858-1992
Bada Hoetjip +82-61-857-5573
Gyeongwoon Hoetjip +82-61-858-1333
Jungang +82-61-853-7176
Cheonghae +82-61-853-7684
Namhae Susan Hoetjip +82-61-852-3091
Suileokjo Hoetjip +82-61-853-6999
Gaetmaeul Hoetjip +82-61-852-8103
Solbat Gwangwang Hoetjip +82-61-852-8434
Puljang Sikdang +82-61-852-8033
Sindongwon +82-61-852-3955
Namtaepyeongyang Sikdang +82-61-853-5850
Jijunghae Hoetjip +82-61-852-0006
Cheonpo Sikdang +82-61-853-0707
Eunmorae Hoetjip +82-61-852-9522
Malli Hoegwan +82-61-852-8025
Full House Nokdon +82-61-852-5703
Haedoji +82-61-852-6790
Nokcharang Badarang +82-61-853-1566
Baune Hoetjip +82-61-853-0040
Haengnang Hoetjip +82-61-852-8072
Eobuchon Hoetjip +82-61-853-1331
Heuksando Hoetjip +82-61-852-8523
Yonggung Hoetjip +82-61-853-1332
Bada PunggyeongⅡ +82-61-852-9975
Haedoji +82-61-852-6790
Seonghoon Hoetjip +82-61-852-1935
Jeonil Hoegwan +82-61-852-7200
Pureun Bada +82-61-853-2225
Hoeryeong +82-61-852-8160