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  • Boseong Green Tea
  • Green Tea Mi-in Boseung Rice
  • Ungchi Steamed Rice
  • Chives
  • Potatoes
  • Boseong Green Tea Pork
  • Beolgyo Cockles
  • Dotted Gizzard Shad
  • Boseong Hemp
  • Miryeok Onggi (Earthenware)

Boseong Hemp

A precious gift from nature, Boseong Hemp

Boseong is the largest producer of hemp, which is used to make traditional clothes. It accounts for 25% of national production, 80% of the production of Jeollanam-do and 50% of total distribution. Hemp is a specialty of Boseong.

Boseong Hemp

A variety of hemp products are available including shrouds, mourning clothes, everyday Hanbok, underwear, bedding and interior items.

Boseong hemp is nature’s last gift and is an eco-friendly, Korean crystallization of the spirit of the nature and people’s efforts to think of and develop the history of Boseong and hemp.

Boseong Hemp is certified by authorities.

Boseong Hemp is a quality product hand-made by masters using a traditional method. Cheap knock-off hemp goods have damaged the reputation of Boseong hempand have had a negative financial impact on customers. Therefore, all hemp products produced in Boseong are authorized with a unique serial number.


Hemp is fine, coarse and durable. The quality continues to improve and thanks to its wear-ability and breathable properties, it is good for preventing skin diseases.

Current Status of Producers
Current Status of Producers
Producer Representative Tel. Major Production Remarks
Boseong Hemp Complex Yun Ok-Dol +82-61-852-9898 Hemp, clothes and bedding
Boseong Hemp Complex Lee Chan-Sik +82-61-853-6805 Webpage
Deukryang Hemp Clothes Complex Moon Ki-Ho +82-61-853-8012 Hemp clothes
Banseok Textile Complex Park Hyeon-Cheol +82-61-858-1931 Hemp and Jjokmul dye
Jinggwang Jjokmul Complex Cha Jae-Young +82-61-857-8701 Jjokmul dye Webpage