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Miscellaneous Information

Immigration Procedure

Immigration procedure for foreigners
  • The immigration officer's review on the permission for entry of foreigners is the sovereign right of the country.
  • National interest is a top priority in the review on the entry of foreigners, preventing fake passport holders and illegal immigrants from entering the country.
  • The country has the authority to refuse to allow fake passport holders, and foreigners with uncertain purposes to enter and uncertain inviters to enter the country.
Requirements for entry
  • Valid passport, etc. (Passport or sailor ID for sailors)
    • Foreigners cannot enter the country with expired passports.
  • Valid visa
    • Entry will not be permitted with expired visas. If the purpose of the visit is not equivalent to the type of visa, the visa holder may be denied entry to the country.
  • Foreigners should not be subject to the regulations on prohibition of entry.
    • International terrorists and past illegal immigrants cannot enter the country.